Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Winter in Paradise (part 1)

It is hard to know how to describe winter up here on Lake Superior. Simply telling people we have "lots of snow" does not really accurately describe how much our lives revolve around this substance. Moving snow around can take up a large part of the day. Watching the snow fall slowly or quickly, vertically or horizontally depending on the wind. Looking out at the blue ice on the bay, combined with the occasional sunshine that makes us feel like it is all worth it. I must say, winter on Lake Superior is pretty wonderful. Growing up in an area that was very very cold (-40 at times) without lots of snow, I always wished for snowy, warm winters. We presently have about 4 feet of snow in the backyard, and even with the polar vortex, did not get anything close to -40. As long as we remember to enjoy the snow and leave town every once in a while, winter is a happy snug feeling season at Whitefish Point.

Pine Marten in woodshed
Our house in the snow
American Goldfinch eating snow

woodshed with a little bit of snow

Tahquamenon Falls sunset

Jack-pine loaded with snow at Whitefish Point