Friday, July 1, 2011

We are about to begin the summer owl banding at WPBO, but I think it is time to start posting to this blog more often. It has been neglected for too long! Lately, we have been busy with a few summer art shows. We just came back from Art for All in Iron Mtn, MI and Art for All in Menominee, MI. That part of the U.P. is very beautiful, and we had a very enjoyable time. We also won a first place award for exellence at Iron Mtn, and Best Visiting Artist award at Menominee. Thanks very much to those who liked our work!

If you are interested in coming to see our booth, there are three more shows this summer:
BlissFest- Bliss, MI July 8-10
Outback Art Show- Marquette, MI July 30-31
Blueberry Festival- Paradise, MI August 19-21

Or... you can come and visit us at Whitefish Point, where we are back on a night schedule banding owls. For details about this, please contact WPBO:

Traveling from Iron Mtn to Menominee, MI. Not sure if this raccoon is comfortable or stuck!
We had to go back and get a picture of this- along a random county road.

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