Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Time for something a bit different

We just spent a week visiting relatives back east, and it was very nice to have some family time. Sometimes I forget just how unique my parent's farm & tree nursery is, so it was nice to be reminded of how they live a little bit differently.

The second fridge, otherwise known as the cheese cave. Look at all of that beautiful Manchego!

Bear contemplating the world.

My father made this solar tractor a few years ago. Behind it you can see the solar panels that help run the household. Yes it is the middle of winter and very cloudy, but they still make energy, contrary to popular belief.

Hoop house & Garden Buddha waiting for spring

These tubes are used to heat up hot water that is pumped into the house, which is just a lovely way to heat.

Dad loading the Tarm, which is a huge hot water heater adjacent to the tubes above.

The lovely cows- and the chickens roosting above in their usual spot. Don't look up!

Somebody already got to the eggs-argh. And they were all different colors. 

The 100 ft windmill, another great way to make your own energy.

My father's lemon tree

In fact, he tries to grow a variety of tropical plants. I try to remind him that they live in Zone 3!

Flowers on the Macadamia Nut tree
more cheese

I love this wood stove, it is just beautiful

Dad's office- 30 years and it always looks like this. But we call it a "working mess"

My niece already has the north country winter look going, and she is not even two yet!

Dean loading a gorgeous pizza into the bread oven, which is in the masonry stove that heats their house. 

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